3 reasons why Thomas Partey struggled against Southampton

3 reasons why Thomas Partey struggled against Southampton

Arsenal were once again humbled in their pursuit of the Premier League title as they succumbed to a 3-3 draw against Southampton at Emirates Stadium, and Thomas Partey came in for particular criticism.

All season, Partey has been a critical cog in the Arsenal machine, but since the international break, he hasn’t been at his best.

Was he as bad as many thought against the Saints?

3 reasons why Thomas Partey struggled against Southampton

Arteta has to try something different tomorrow.

Thomas Partey at centre back could be an option.. part of me thinks this plan was tested against Southampton w/ Arsenal’s #6 consistently dropping into Holding’s position to aid ball progression & technical quality in the build-up. pic.twitter.com/TTy5wd1ro3

— EBL (@EBL2017) April 24, 2023

1. Positional changes from Arteta

Following the draw at West Ham, Arteta reacted and made a tweak to the system, with Partey asked to drop between Gabriel and Rob Holding to start the build-up.

This may have given Arsenal more security at the back, but it left a hole in midfield where he was trying to cover two positions and large passing distances between him and his midfield partners.

Southampton took full advantage of this by pressing Arsenal throughout the first half, which prevented him and Oleksandr Zinchenko from playing their usual short-distance football and evading the press.

This tactic proved harmful rather than beneficial, as Holding was taking too many touches in the absence of a dominant Partey in front of him.

As Southampton withdrew in the second half, that tactic fizzled out, but when it mattered most, it heavily impacted Arsenal’s play.

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