Adin Ross claims IShowSpeed made football star Cristiano Ronaldo more famous – Dexerto

Adin Ross claims IShowSpeed made football star Cristiano Ronaldo more famous – Dexerto

  ❘   Published: 2023-06-18T12:30:26

  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-18T12:30:38

Adin Ross has revealed he believes that YouTube streamer IShowSpeed has made Portuguese football star Cristiano Ronaldo more famous.

If you’re familiar with IShowSpeed, then you’ll be well aware of his passion for Manchester United, and his mega-obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo.

For years, the 18-year-old YouTuber has attempted to cross paths with the Portuguese football legend and has come close on several occasions — even meeting some of his international teammates.

The big day finally came on June 17, when the young YouTuber meet his idol as the Portuguese international players were leaving the Estadio da Luz following a win over Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Adin Ross believes IShowSpeed made Ronaldo more famous

Reacting to the video of the two meeting for the first time, Kick streamer Adin Ross revealed he believes IShowSpeed has made the five-time Ballon d’Or winner more famous.

“I’m not gonna lie chat, be honest, do you guys feel like Speed made Ronaldo more famous?” Adin asked during his June 17 live stream. “Like honestly think about it, like what do you guys think, did Speed make Ronaldo more famous?

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“I think he did! I didn’t know much about siu, I didn’t know anything about hattricks, I didn’t know anything about soccer in general, you know?”

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Adin added: “He brought his younger audience to know Ronaldo in my opinion, you know?”

(Timestamp 1:57)

It’s fair to say Adin’s chat didn’t share the same belief, as his viewers began ripping into him, blasting the Kick star as an “average American” for being unfamiliar with football.

“You can say average American all you want, whatever,” the streamer hit back.

Video iShowSpeed Made RONALDO More Famous

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