Angel di Maria finally finds a new home after leaving Juventus

Angel di Maria finally finds a new home after leaving Juventus

It has been reported that Angel Di Maria will be making a return to Benfica once his contract with Juventus expires at the end of this month.

The Argentine World Cup winner joined Juventus on a free transfer for the previous season and had some impressive performances, notably contributing to Juventus’ run to the Europa League semi-finals.

However, his form declined in the final weeks of the season, leading Juventus to decide against pursuing a contract extension with him.

While Di Maria could potentially leave Europe, he has expressed his desire to continue playing on the continent for at least one more season.

According to a report from Tuttomercatoweb, Di Maria is now on the verge of rejoining Benfica, the club where he initially made his mark in European football. This move would mark a return to Benfica after a decade since he departed the Portuguese side.

Benfica played a crucial role in Di Maria’s development, and it could now potentially be his final club on the European continent.

Juve FC Says

Di Maria had good times on our books, but he did not meet expectations for the most part and there is no guarantee that he would do better in the next campaign.

Benfica is one of the top clubs in Portugal, but their domestic competition is not as strong as Serie A.

We wish him the best and need to sort out a replacement for him before the next campaign starts.

Video Di Maria Is Leaving Juventus?😱🤔

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