Arteta Reveals Arsenal’s Top Contender for Premier League Golden Boot

Arteta Reveals Arsenal’s Top Contender for Premier League Golden Boot

Arsenal’s Title Hopes Rest on Erling Haaland?

Arsenal’s title race with Manchester City looks set to be a nail-biting affair, with both teams pushing each other until the very end of the Premier League season. While there may be some key differences at the conclusion of the campaign, one of which could well be Erling Haaland’s move to City.

“The Norwegian striker has won some important points for the Cityzens this year and the Gunners, along with the rest of Europe, will be wondering how they can have their own version of Haaland.”

According to former forward Emmanuel Adebayor, the Gunners do have someone who can challenge the striker within their ranks- Gabriel Jesus. Adebayor claimed that Gabriel Jesus has the capability of winning the Golden Boot at some point, telling FutFanatico:

“His potential is huge. Then you would be able to see if he would be in the fight for the goalscoring crown. I honestly have no doubts about that because he’s always capable of scoring goals.”

Given the sheer number of chances and goals the Gunners score, perhaps that is possible for Jesus, though he would have to be more clinical. While Jesus went through a goal drought earlier in the campaign, he eventually broke it and expressed gratitude for the support he received from the club’s fans.

“I just want to say thank you to them for supporting me until the end…It’s not easy when you’re seeing your striker not scoring goals but they always support me.”

The clinical streak that Gabriel Jesus needs in front of the goal could be the difference between winning the league or missing out in the next season or two. The race is on for Arsenal and Manchester City, and it looks like every small detail could make or break their title run.

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