Brendan Rodgers’ old Celtic comments emerge as return close

Brendan Rodgers’ old Celtic comments emerge as return close

Considering the reaction to Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic exit in early 2019, not many would have expected him to back at Parkhead just a little over four years later. And yet, that seems very close to becoming reality. Rumours have suggested that he will be announced as the new manager of the club next week. It remains to be seen how accurate that turns out to be.

All signs point towards Rodgers being the man to replace Ange Postecoglou in the Parkhead hot seat next season. And while some fans have been fearing a repeat of the Eddie Howe saga, that does feel unlikely at this point.

Of course, the biggest obstacle that Rodgers faces is winning over the fans that he lost as a result of the manner of his move to Leicester City. It was in the middle of the season, with two trophies still left to platy for.

Rodgers continued to praise Celtic even after joining Leicester City though. And it might be time for the fans to forgive and forget, as we enter a new chapter in the club’s history.

Rodgers’ old Celtic comments emerge as return close

In a video shared by BBC, Rodgers said at his unveiling as Leicester City manager in 2019:

“If I was making this decision with my heart, then I’d be at Celtic for life. Because it is an incredible club, a club I supported all my life.”

Rodgers has never made a secret of the fact that he grew up a Celtic supporter. And while the manner in which he departed, left a bitter taste in the mouths of the fans, there is no doubt that he did an incredible job while he was at Parkhead.

Rodgers won seven trophies for Celtic, including two trebles, and had a historic Invincible season as well. Nobody can doubt his quality as a manager, and he seems like the best option out there at the moment. Perhaps that has been the biggest reason why many fans have been so open to the prospect of his return.

Video A Sensational Celtic Return For Brendan Rodgers Edges Ever Closer

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