Chelsea urged to install Pochettino immediately: Players need it – Tribal Football

Chelsea urged to install Pochettino immediately: Players need it – Tribal Football

Former Liverpool fullback Stephen Warnock believes Mauricio Pochettino should immediately take charge of Chelsea.

Pochettino has agreed terms with the Blues, though Frank Lampard will see out of the season as caretaker manager.

Warnock said on NBC Sports: “I think the industry is a very stats driven industry at the moment,’ Warnock said before kickoff. ‘I wonder whether there’s a part of that where he looks at and goes, it’s quite broken at the moment at Chelsea. I don’t want that to affect where where I start.

“But I go into… take me into the locker room as a player and I go, ‘I want a manager in now. I want to know where I stand as a player, whether I’m part of the club moving forward or whether I’m going to move on’. Because I also put myself in the position of a new player coming into the club.

“Mauricio Pochettino rings up in the summer and goes, ‘I’d like you to come in’ and I’d be thinking, has it changed? Is there improvement there? What’s gone on?

“At least now, give yourself a month until the end of the season or a few weeks, whatever it is, to try and change the culture of the club and change the word around Chelsea Football Club – that he’s come in and he’s got himself and he’s got an iron fist and he’s ruling the roost at Chelsea and starting to change things and get the mentality right.

“I just look at it and think it’s an easy cop out. And I listen to the talk of Frank Lampard and the respect for a Chelsea legend. He’s not good enough.

“He’s simply not good enough to do the job. So get the man in who is good enough to do the job, who you’re employing.”

Video Should Mauricio Pochettino start at Chelsea immediately? | Premier League | NBC Sports

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