Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Accused Of ‘Doing Witchcraft To Georgina Rodriguez’ In A Bizarre Claim By Cuban Psychic

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Accused Of ‘Doing Witchcraft To Georgina Rodriguez’ In A Bizarre Claim By Cuban Psychic

According to bizarre prophecy by a Cuban psychic, Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez may have found themselves at the centre of a strange family issue. Dolores Aveiro, the Al Nassr superstar’s mother, is apparently involved in an unusual effort to break her son’s relationship.

In a stunning turn of events, sources imply that Aveiro has used witchcraft to remove Georgina Rodriguez from her Cristiano Ronaldo’s life. The shocking claims comes from none other than Mhoni Vidente, a Cuban psychic known for making outlandish claims.

Cristiano Ronaldo
Recent reports had claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo is ‘fed up’ of his partner Georgina Rodriguez, and cloud split from her. Credits: Twitter

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina once again dragged into relationship controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez have been the subject of rumours that their relationship is in trouble, which both have rejected. Last month, Spanish and Portuguese media reported that the former Manchester United star was “fed up” with the Spanish model and that they were on the verge of parting up. However, Vidente claimed, adding fuel to the fire:

“Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother is doing witchcraft to Georgina. She never wanted him to marry her or have children with Cristiano, because she lost three children. The last time she lost one of the twins that were the boy, and the lady told her: you know what, my son, I don’t want Georgina in my house. She ran out of the house. And, for this reason, Cristiano does not take Georgina to his mother’s house, only to the children.”

This is not the first time Vidente has made a fuss about the Portuguese international. The dubious psychic, who has a criminal background, predicted last year that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner will retire by 2023. Vidente also predicted Cristiano Ronaldo’s post-retirement future, suggesting he will take on management duties with an Asian or European side.

Cristiano Ronaldo
While she’s being accused of ‘witchcraft’, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother Dolores recently denied any rifts in her son’s relationship with Georgina. Credits: Twitter

Despite these astounding speculations, Ronaldo has yet to make an official declaration regarding his retirement plans. However, rumours regarding his plans to depart Saudi Arabia continue to circulate, with the 38-year-old eyeing a return to his former club Real Madrid. But as of now, there has been no confirmation of any negotiation between the two.

Meanwhile, Dolores Aveiro, 68, dismissed any idea that the Real Madrid legend’s relationship with Georgina had soured overnight, calling the accusations “lies” while attending a store opening in her home Madeira. She told reporters covering an event in Funchal, the island’s capital:

“It’s all lies. Every couple argues, but what’s been written is a lie.”

Georgina, 29, too had replied to the rumours by rejecting a rift with Cristiano Ronaldo, slamming those claims through social media: “The jealous one invents a rumour, the gossipy one spreads it, and the idiot believes it.” Days later, Cristiano, 38, uploaded a romantic photo of himself kissing his Argentine model partner on Instagram while they had a meal and a drink, captioning, “Cheers to love.”

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