EPL: Which team is going to miss out on European football?

EPL: Which team is going to miss out on European football?
EPL Liverpool FC Premier League
Liverpool FC Premier League

Arsenal and Manchester City have both secured a Champions League spot for the next season but the remaining two positions are still up for grabs as three teams are currently fighting for the remaining top-two spots on the EPL table.

Newcastle United and Manchester United have failed to lock down their spots and with three games remaining, both of them still have a lot of work to do. Liverpool, on the other hand, have pulled up their socks and right now, they are just one point away from the top four.

Liverpool have played one game more than Newcastle and Man United but they still have a superb chance of creeping into the top four. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have both shared their opinions on the top four race and the two pundits feel Newcastle United are the ones who will likely slip up.

“Liverpool will get 71 points,” Neville has said on Monday Night Football. “I don’t think there’s any point in Newcastle or Manchester United thinking they don’t have to win two matches each out of their last three. They have to, or else they will be in big trouble.

“With Newcastle, it’s a little bit of a wobble, losing to Arsenal, drawing with Leeds. I would say they are more likely to slip and that’s not me being overconfident about Manchester United.

“It would be harsh on Newcastle, but Manchester United have got comfortable games. They would be shooting themselves in the foot if they didn’t get top four.”

Carragher also backed his fellow pundit stating: “Brighton are in great form and will believe they can go to Newcastle and get a result. On the back of Liverpool winning tonight, I think if you are Newcastle, the supporters, players, staff will be watching that tonight and thinking ‘oof’.

“Brighton at home, Chelsea away. Chelsea are on a horrendous run but they have still got players who can produce a bit of magic.

“I think Newcastle are more likely to slip up. They have been unbelievable all season. They have been one of the teams I’ve looked forward to watching. But that Brighton game is absolutely huge. I think if Newcastle drop points in that, there will be a big worry on for them.”

Which teams will finish in the top four of the EPL?

Which teams will finish in the top four of the EPL?

Man United need to win two out of their remaining three matches to be able to finish in the top four of the EPL table and they are the ones who should be able to wrap it up with ease. United’s encounter against Chelsea is the only tough game on paper but with the kind of form the Blues are in right now, Manchester United should be winning this one as well.

Newcastle United, on the other hand, have to face Brighton as well as Chelsea in their remaining fixtures and both these ties are tricky for Eddie Howe’s team. The Magpies have dropped points in their previous two matches and there’s a massive chance that they will stumble against Brighton on Friday.

It’s highly unlikely that Liverpool are going to drop points against Aston Villa or Southampton so Man United and Newcastle United will have to make sure they don’t slip up. Villa have been superb under Unai Emery’s management but a confident Liverpool side is really hard to beat.

On paper, Manchester United are in the most comfortable position because they have been brilliant at home this season and two out of their remaining three matches are at Old Trafford. They face Bournemouth next and then in the final game of the EPL season they welcome Fulham and both these matches should be easy wins.

Liverpool’s late push to enter the top four of the EPL table have definitely rattled Man United and NUFC so whichever team holds their nerves in the next few weeks will be the ones to play in the Champions League next season. Man United have been in the position much more than the Magpies and perhaps the pressure to play in Europe could turn out to be the downfall of Eddie Howe’s men.

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