How many goals has Lionel Messi scored? Career total and ranking for men’s world record vs Cristiano Ronaldo

How many goals has Lionel Messi scored? Career total and ranking for men’s world record vs Cristiano Ronaldo

Lionel Messi’s career goal tally has continued to climb in 2023 with the 35-year-old playing a key role in PSG’s Ligue 1 title defence this season.

The Argentine star next faces a crucial call on his future this summer, with his PSG contract expiring in June, and Barcelona (Spain), Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia), and Inter Miami (USA) all making a push to be his next destination.

However, despite the uncertainty over what’s in store, there can be no doubting Messi’s continued excellence in front of goal across the last 12 months.

His age-old rivalry with Cristiano Ronaldo has changed in 2023, following the latter’s move Al Nassr, but both players will still be looking to outdo one another for goal-scoring supremacy before their respective retirements.

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How many goals Messi scored

Messi returned to form during the 2022/23 season, after a low key first campaign in Paris, as he faced the challenge of adapting to a new club after two decades with Barcelona.

His career has been packed with incredible goal-scoring consistency with over 50 goals scored in six of his seasons in Catalonia, as part of a club career record of 703 goals and an overall tally of 805, including his goals for Argentina.

Lionel Messi career goal total by season

All stats as of May 14, 2023

Season Messi Total
Goals Scored
Club Argentina
2004/05 1 1 0
2005/06 10 8 2
2006/07 21 17 4
2007/08 19 16 3
2008/09 41 38 3
2009/10 48 47 1
2010/11 57 53 4
2011/12 82 73 9
2012/13 69 60 9
2013/14 48 41 7
2014/15 62 58 4
2015/16 50 41 9
2016/17 57 54 3
2017/18 52 45 7
2018/19 54 51 3
2019/20 33 31 2
2020/21 44 38 6
2021/22 21 11 10
2022/23* 36 20 16
TOTAL 805 703 102

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Messi goals record

The Messi vs Ronaldo rivalry has impacted every aspect of football for the last two decades with the eternal debate of each player’s claim to be the sport’s GOAT (Greatest of All-Time).

However, the potential final battle of their career could come down to the all-time record for top scorer in men’s football, after the pair pulled away from previous leader Pele in 2022.

Men’s all-time top goal scorers
  Player Nationality Career Goals Career
1. Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 835 2002- 
2. Lionel Messi Argentina 805 2004- 
3. Pele Brazil 762 1957-1977
4. Romario  Brazil 755 1985-2007
5. Ferenc Puskas Hungary /
724 1943-1966
6. Josef Bican Austria /
Czech Republic
722 1931-1955
7. Jimmy Jones Northern Ireland 648 1947-1964
8. Gerd Muller Germany 634 1964-1981
9. Joe Bambrick Northern Ireland 629 1926-1943
10. Abe Lenstra Netherlands 624 1936-1963

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Messi vs Ronaldo for men’s all-time goals record

The current gap between the two old rivals stands at 30 goals (Ronaldo’s 835 vs. Messi’s 805), spread across all professional senior level competitive matches in which they have been involved in, including senior international football with their respective national team.

Neither player has shown any immediate indication of retirement, with Ronaldo contracted to Al Nassr until 2025, and Messi unlikely to call time on his career in the next 12 months.

The duo also intend to carry on playing for Argentina and Portugal respectively, with Messi joining Ronaldo in the 100+ international goals club, at the start of 2023.

Messi has ground to make up on Ronaldo, and the two-and-a-half year age difference does not appear to be a factor, with Ronaldo hinting at playing on beyond his 40th birthday.

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Messi goals for Barcelona, PSG, Argentina

Despite the controversy surrounding his exit, Messi left Barcelona as their all-time top goal scorer, and greatest ever player, before joining PSG in August 2021.

A potential return to Barcelona would allow him to add to his record goal haul for the club, but he would also be able to close in on Ronaldo’s all-time men’s goal scoring mark by signing for Al Hilal (Saudi Arabia) or Inter Miami (USA)..

Messi goals per team

* indicates current club

Team Goals
Barcelona 672
PSG* 31
Argentina 102
Total 805

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