IShowSpeed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo, he couldn’t believe it

IShowSpeed finally meets Cristiano Ronaldo, he couldn’t believe it

History was made on Saturday night, a moment that people will forever be asking ‘where were you when…’ IShowSpeed finally met Cristiano Ronaldo.

To say that American YouTuber ‘Speed’ has been obsessed with meeting Ronaldo might be underselling it a little, and it’s been a hell of a journey.

Days later he travelled to west London to watch him against Fulham but for the second game in-a-row the forward wasn’t even in the squad. Hours later the end of Ronaldo’s second spell at United would start with the infamous Piers Morgan interview.

Ferdinand didn’t make it happen but it finally did on Saturday night after Portugal’s win over Bosnia and Herzegovina and Speed could barely believe it, as you can see in the video below.

Realising who was about to get out of the car, the social media star kept reating “Oh my god” to himself and sounded like he was losing his breath.

When the car door did open to reveal the Al Nassr star, Speed fell to his knees and held out his hands before standing up to hug the footballer, letting out a cry of “Oh my god Ronaldo.”

He then excitedly repeated “Take a picture, take a picture, I love you bro” whilst attempted to get his phone to take a selfie.

Ronaldo patted him on the face in quite a loving ‘calm down’ way, with the five time Ballon d’Or winner no doubt experienced in handling overly excited fans.

Speed then showed off his tattoo to the 38-year-old before insisting they both do the footballer’s famed ‘Siuuu’, or ‘Sewey’ celebration.

It was quite the night for the top goalscorer in the history of men’s international football, despite the fact that he didn’t manage to add to that tally in the Euro 2024 qualifier.

Champions League winner Bernardo Silva scored the first goal of the game with Ronaldo’s former United teammate Bruno Fernandes bagging a second half brace to earn Portugal a 3-0 win.

Video iShowSpeed Finally Meets Ronaldo!

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