IShowSpeed meets Ronaldo: How YouTube personality finally met soccer star

IShowSpeed meets Ronaldo: How YouTube personality finally met soccer star

Darren Watkins Jr., better known as IShowSpeed, has made his fandom of Cristiano Ronaldo known for some time.

The YouTube star has a tattoo of Ronaldo on his left arm, he released a song titled “Ronaldo” back in June 2022, and he has traveled frequently to try to catch the Portuguese soccer superstar at a match. On Saturday, he got to live the dream.

Following Portugal’s home Euro 2024 qualifier match vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina, IShowSpeed met Ronaldo, who stopped his exit from the stadium to chat with the recent high school graduate.

i met him ronaldo🇵🇹

— Speed⭐️ (@ishowspeedsui) June 17, 2023

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How did the meeting happen? Here’s what you need to know.

How IShowSpeed met Ronaldo

Ronaldo has been aware of the YouTuber’s fandom. In January, Ronaldo sent a gift package to IShowSpeed that included CR7-branded T-shirts, boxers and other clothes.

When Ronaldo was on his way out of the stadium Saturday, he was told by his son that IShowSpeed would be waiting for him. As Ronaldo was driving by, Ronaldo’s teammate Rafael Leao knocked on his window to get him to slow down and stop for the visit.

This is brilliant. 🤣 Full video of @ishowspeedsui meeting Ronaldo. Rafael Leão asked Ronaldo to meet him. “I love your family”. Ronaldo kept telling him to relax. 🤣

— DaveOCKOP (@DaveOCKOP) June 17, 2023

IShowSpeed had trouble containing himself during the meeting. He dropped to his knees as Ronaldo stepped out of the car and was fired up when the international superstar came over to meet him. The YouTuber composed himself enough to ask for photos with Ronaldo and share a joint celebration of Ronaldo’s signature “Siuuu.”

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It had already been an eventful day for IShowSpeed. Earlier, he met Ronaldo’s brother, Hugo Ronaldo.

Speed met Ronaldo’s brother 😭

— Speedy Updates (@SpeedUpdates1) June 17, 2023

He also had watched another fan run onto the pitch to meet Ronaldo and prompt the crowd to do a “Siuuu” celebration.

Speed’s reaction to a fan invading the pitch and meeting Ronaldo 😭

— Speedy Updates (@SpeedUpdates1) June 17, 2023

Who is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed is an 18-year-old YouTuber known for his video game live streams. He has more than 16 million subscribers on YouTube and over 1.3 billion views of his videos. In addition to his video game streaming, he has also released several songs.

The youngster also has had controversial moments in his early streaming career. He was banned from Twitch for “sexual coercion or intimidation” after he made comments during a Twitch “e-date” show that appeared to be alleged threats of sexual assault, according to Dexerto.

He has made other controversial comments as well. While streaming a game, he reportedly told a female player to leave the game and “do your husband’s dishes,” per Insider. He confronted a Chinese spectator wearing an Argentina jersey during a World Cup match in Qatar and repeatedly said “Konnichiwa” (translated to “good afternoon” or “good day” in English) at the man, along with other sounds that appeared to mock Cantonese and Mandarin, according to Dot eSports. He apologized for both incidents.

How Ronaldo played in Euro qualifier

Ronaldo played all 90 minutes of Saturday’s qualifying match against Bosnia and Herzegovina, though he did not score any goals. Portugal won 3-0, its third victory in three qualifier matches for the 2024 European Championship.

Portugal has two more points than Slovakia in the Group J standings. The team will next face Iceland on Tuesday.

Ronaldo is coming off a stretch of games with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr, with whom he signed in January. The team finished its season on May 31. Ronaldo will begin his first full season with the club that made him the highest-paid player in soccer history when the team plays friendly matches in July around the start of the Arab Cup.

Video iShowSpeed Finally Meets Ronaldo!

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