Lionel Messi not good enough for Arsenal?! World Cup winner wouldn’t get into the Gunners team, says Darren Bent | UK

Lionel Messi not good enough for Arsenal?! World Cup winner wouldn’t get into the Gunners team, says Darren Bent | UK

Lionel Messi is not good enough for the current Arsenal team and would struggle to make an impact with the Gunners, says Darren Bent.

  • Messi set to leave PSG
  • Bent doesn’t want Messi in Premier League
  • Feels Messi has become a passenger

WHAT HAPPENED? The Argentine is preparing to leave Paris Saint-Germain as he decided against renewing his contract with the Ligue 1 champions. With his future yet to be resolved, former England striker Bent was discussing the options that the 2022 World Cup winner has at his disposal. The 35-year-old has an offer from Saudi Arabia and has also been linked with a return to Barcelona. However, with nothing confirmed so far, Bent was considering what if the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner joined a Premier League outfit.

WHAT THEY SAID: “Do I want to see Messi in the Premier League? Do you know what, I wouldn’t now. He is the greatest player that has ever lived, but I feel like people would try to pick too many faults in him – like what’s happened in France. He’d be on a hiding to nothing. He’d come over to England and people would make any excuse to hammer him, say Cristiano Ronaldo was better, all this,” he told talkSPORT Drive.

When asked if Messi would get into Arsenal’s starting XI he said, “Maybe up top instead of Jesus. But I’d keep Saka and Martinelli on the wings [over Messi] because we play a different brand of football. I’d have Messi in the squad, just to watch him. Listen, this is not a lifetime achievement award. I think the game has moved on now. You can’t have passengers, everyone has to do their part. Messi was in a team with Kylian Mbappe and Neymar and they didn’t get anywhere near to winning the Champions League, and they are three of the best attacking players ever. I think the game has moved on now. You can’t have passengers; everyone has to do their part.”

THE BIGGER PICTURE: Bent believes that at this stage, Messi should only join Barcelona where he is adored and loved by the fans.

“I think the only place Lionel Messi needs to go is back home – and that’s Barcelona. That’s the only place I want to see him. That’s the only thing that would make sense. It’s where he became the best ever. To watch him in the Premier League would be incredible, but I just feel people wouldn’t appreciate him properly,” he added.


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WHAT NEXT? Messi is set to play his final game with PSG on Saturday against Clermont Foot in Ligue 1.

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