Man City v Real Madrid

Man City v Real Madrid

As a result of UEFA requirements, a number of seats allocated to Season Ticket Members who have registered on the UEFA Cup Scheme will be unavailable. Full details of seats impacted for the Knockout Stage fixtures are as follows;





East Stand Level 1 


Rows K to DD 

UEFA Champions Club Seating 

Colin Bell Stand Level 2 


Rows A to H 

UEFA requirement for the Club to provide an allocation of ‘First Class’ seating to the Visiting Club, located between the 16m lines 

Family Stand Level 1 

134, 135, 136, 137 & 138 

Rows 1 to A  

Extended camera positions  

Colin Bell Stand Level 3 


Rows A to P 

UEFA requirement for an expanded television and media commentary area. 

My seat is impacted by the UEFA seat holds for the game against Real Madrid, where will my seat be relocated to?

We will allocate you the seat you either chose or were allocated for the Quarter Final match against Bayern Munich as your preferred seat for the Semi Final match against Real Madrid.

We understand you may like to sit somewhere else, if you would like to be seated elsewhere in the Stadium then you can contact Fan Support on Wednesday 26th April and a member of the team can assist.


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