PSG ‍: Mbappé tarnishes Qatar’s image, the Emir gets angry

PSG ‍: Mbappé tarnishes Qatar’s image, the Emir gets angry

Linked to Paris Saint-Germain until 2024, Kylian Mbappé refuses to activate the option to extend for an additional year. The French striker provokes the anger of the Qatari leaders, more than ever determined to transfer him at a high price if he does not re-engage quickly.

Ten days later, the pressure has not gone down. The letter from Kylian Mbappé, which confirmed his refusal to extend for an additional year, still does not pass with the leaders of Paris Saint-Germain. Qatar considers the attacker’s decision a betrayal and does not intend to let it go. This Wednesday, an emissary close to the Emir Al-Thani spoke with representatives of the French during an important meeting, says the PSG Community site.

💣🚨 EXCLUDED: The Emir opens the door to Kylian Mbappé leaving!

▫️ A meeting took place yesterday (Wednesday) during which the Emir issued an ultimatum to the Mbappé clan:

▶️ Either Kylian Mbappé decides to extend his contract at PSG before training resumes, or he…

— PSG COMMUNITY (@psgcommunity_) June 22, 2023

The opportunity for Qatar to repeat its ultimatum to number 7, strongly encouraged to extend its contract before resuming training. Otherwise, Paris Saint-Germain will try to transfer Kylian Mbappé this summer. For Doha, it would be a way of giving the image of a club above any player. There would also be an extra-sporting issue, the image of Qatar in business being also concerned.

A record transfer for Mbappé?

A free departure from the former Monegasque is therefore not an option for the decision-makers of the Ile-de-France club. The latter would be ready to negotiate with Real Madrid and its president Florentino Pérez, accustomed to rubbing shoulders with the Emir Al-Thani as a business manager in the construction industry who owns construction sites in Qatar. A trend confirmed by the Qatari journalist Mohammed Al Kaabi, who evokes a probable transfer provided that the Merengues send an offer ” suitable “.

The word is not necessarily appropriate since the Parisian media speaks of a minimum amount of 200 million euros! For the last year of Kylian Mbappé’s contract, Paris Saint-Germain could even try to complete the biggest transfer in history, above the 222 million euros paid for Neymar in 2017. Of course, this scenario does not only applies if the tricolor international agrees to leave before the end of his lease in 2024.

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