Real Madrid are clear: Vinicius ahead of Mbappe

Real Madrid are clear: Vinicius ahead of Mbappe

Once again, Kylian Mbappe has managed to get people talking about him and his future in recent days.

Out of nowhere and when the matter seemed to be forgotten, the news appears again that Real Madrid is not only going to sign Jude Bellingham (with his strategic arrival about to be sealed), but also going to try to get the French striker to appear at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu during the summer.

The news came from England, with its consequent knock-on effect in Spain.

Well, the story has not changed one iota with respect to what we have commented in reference to Mbappe and his future as a Madridista.

Real Madrid is not considering the Frenchman, and also does not consider any scenario that involves a negotiation with PSG and even less giving a single euro to the Qatari team, that path is completely ruled out.

It does not enter into the head of Real Madrid‘s leaders that they could add to Nasser Al Khelaifi‘s team’s bank balance.

The short-term strategy is clearly defined and does not include Kylian Mbappe. Time passes and the problem of the striker and PSG remains present.

The gamble of the current Ligue 1 champions is to develop a project around a Mbappe who has become captain, in order to achieve a renewal beyond 2024.

Mystery, incidentally, which remains unresolved despite the photo last May at the Parc des Princes with the new contract just signed.

Without Lionel Messi, everything will be easier because of the absolute starring role that the former Monaco player is looking for.

Revenge, forgotten

Returning to Real Madrid, the Mbappe affair has long since ceased to worry Valdebebas.

There is no room for speculation ahead of the 2023 summer transfer window, but not because of last year’s affront.

It is a sporting-economic strategy as on the sporting side, and respecting the Frenchman as much as possible, they consider that right now Vinicius Junior is above or at least performing better than the Frenchman, as demonstrated game after game, with the Champions League final within reach.

The Brazilian’s performance is surprising beyond Valdebebas, but the truth is that the confidence in Vinicius has been total and absolute since he arrived, at least from the leaders and those who gambled on his signing, much more than that of some coaches until Carlo Ancelotti arrived.

Financially, there is no room for such an operation, starting with Mbappe‘s salary and even less for the incompatibility with Al Khelaifi and all that PSG represents.

If Mbappe, who has not called Florentino Perez, resolves his contract in 2024 (before Qatar will not let him leave or set a price) it would mean a change of script, but it is something that right now is not making anyone at Valdebebas lose any sleep.

They are very happy with Vinicius and with good reason.

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