Ronaldo makes Saudi League transfer promise as Benzema speaks out

Ronaldo makes Saudi League transfer promise as Benzema speaks out

His move to Al Nassr has led to widespread speculation on what other elite footballers could join him out in Saudi Arabia. Lionel Messi, Roberto Firmino, Ilkay Gundogan and Luka Modric are just a handful of players to be linked with making the move to the Saudi Pro League.

Benzema has become the latest superstar to be reportedly offered an eye-watering sum to join Ronaldo in the Arab country. And Ronaldo has given his blessing for rival teams to splash the cash to bring some of Europe’s elite players to the Saudi Pro League.

“If they are coming, big players and big names, young players, old players, they are very welcome because if that happens, the league will improve,” Ronaldo said. “Age is not important, but competing players, young players, depend on many factors.”

Benzema has since spoken out on the speculation surrounding a supposed bid from the Saudi Pro League, giving a cryptic response to the rumours.

“Talking about my future? For what?” he said. “What is said comes from the Internet. And the Internet is not reality. I have a game on Saturday, I train tomorrow, so right now I’m in Madrid.”

Ronaldo’s own future in Saudi Arabia has also been questioned recently with reports suggesting he was looking to leave Al Nassr for a return to Europe this summer. But the 38-year-old has now confirmed that he wants to stay and help the Saudi Pro League grow while listing where improvements need to be made.

“To speak about the league, I think the league is very good, but I think we have many, many opportunities to still grow,” Ronaldo said. “I think the league is good and competitive. We have very good teams, we have very good Arab players.

“The infrastructure I think they need to improve a little bit more. Even the referees, the VAR system – I think they should be a little more quicker.

“I think other small things they need to improve, but I am happy here. I want to continue here, I will continue here and in my opinion if they continue to do the work that they want to do for the next five years, I think the Saudi League can be the fifth [top league] in the world.”

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