Smells Like “Portuguinese Goat Piss” – 2 Days After Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, IShowSpeed Makes a Confession – Sportsmanor

Smells Like “Portuguinese Goat Piss” – 2 Days After Meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, IShowSpeed Makes a Confession – Sportsmanor

IShowSpeed‘s seismic climb up the social media ladder has been nothing short of incredible, and 2 days ago, he reaped the ultimate reward. After years of persistently supporting Cristiano Ronaldo, Speed finally got to meet his idol in person. Aside from being a personal highlight of his career, the moment also turned into a cultural moment. And in its aftermath, the streamer has shared some peculiar details about the 38-year-old’s scent.

The Ohio native became internet famous after turning into Ronaldo‘s most unapologetic fan. From staking the striker’s claim on the GOAT throne to disrespecting his rival Lionel Messi at every turn, Speed did it all. The 18-year-old even got a tattoo honoring the Real Madrid legend.  

IShowSpeed reacts to his new tattoo

— Dexerto (@Dexerto) January 11, 2023


In the pursuit of meeting his idol, IShowSpeed attended multiple Manchester United games last year. But they proved to be unsuccessful attempts at meeting Ronaldo. The streamer was even present for Portugal’s matches at the Qatar World Cup, which ultimately failed to do the trick as well. 

Nevertheless, Speed’s fanboy arc finally came to a fairytale conclusion on 18th June, as he met Cristiano Ronaldo after Portugal’s game against Bosnia. Clips and pictures from the event were met with emphatic support from fans online. And on a recent stream, Speed provided some insight into his interaction with CR7.

The most intriguing bit of information he delivered during the stream concerned Ronaldo’s scent, as Speed went into some oddly descriptive details. Still, in awe of meeting the Al-Hilal forward, he could barely string together cohesive sentences, yet he still managed to provide a decent picture of what the 38-year-old smelled like. 

Speed explains what Ronaldo smells like 😭

— Speedy Updates (@SpeedUpdates1) June 20, 2023


Speed said, “Okay, he smells like cologne mixed with like a dad, mixed with like some Portuguinese goat piss…with like a man, he smelt powerful. You can smell his aura, you get what I’m saying? It’s so hard to describe it because I was so caught up in the moment, I didn’t even know what was going on. But short story, he smells like a man. I don’t know chat, he smells like a goat.”

It would be impossible to capture this incredibly sophisticated smell in a bottle, but we reckon Cristiano Ronaldo’s bottled perfumes are your better shot at replicating it.

How did IShowSpeed meet Cristiano Ronaldo?

As mentioned earlier, the meeting took place following Portugal’s match against Bosnia. During the game, Speed met Ronaldo’s brother and sister in the VIP box, and later in the parking lot, he met the main man himself. 

The meeting was generously staged by AC Milan superstar and Ronaldo’s Portugal teammate Rafael Leao, who is also friends with the streamer. Being a class act, Leao waited for the striker’s vehicle along with Speed in the lot, before stopping the car himself. Speed, who could barely contain himself, was asked to calm down as Ronaldo popped out of the car to make his dreams come true. 

i met him ronaldo🇵🇹

— Speed⭐️ (@ishowspeedsui) June 17, 2023


The pair then shared a lovely moment, one that went viral online almost instantly. IShowSpeed’s tweet about meeting Cristiano Ronaldo currently sits at a whopping 1.8 million likes, and he was also the #1 trending topic on the platform for a brief period.

Video iShowspeed Asks Robot Messi or Ronaldo 😱

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