Swedish media view on Dejan Kulusevski, with Frida Fagerlund | Tottenham Hotspur

Swedish media view on Dejan Kulusevski, with Frida Fagerlund | Tottenham Hotspur

Following the news that Dejan Kulusevski has put pen to paper on a permanent deal with us after an initial 18-month loan from Juventus, we spoke to Frida Fagerlund of Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and broadcaster Viaplay to get the inside track on how the attacker’s spell in the Premier League so far has been perceived in his home country…

What is the view of Dejan Kulusevski from football fans in Sweden?

Frida: “I would say that Dejan is perceived as forward, an individual who consistently speaks his mind and is honest about his feelings when he’s unhappy. You would never doubt his work rate. As much as he loves winning, you can tell when he’s lost a game because of how frustrated he gets. Simply put, his dedication for his team, at both club and international level, shines through. This is why he’s considered such an important part of the Sweden team.”

What have been the perceptions of his performances so far in the Premier League and has he lived up to expectations?

Frida: “He certainly had an explosive start! Even he was slightly surprised by how quickly he settled into the team and the league. His great contribution helped him become the youngest player since 1990 to win Guldbollen, Sweden’s player of the year award. During the spring he was probably hampered by the team’s lack of consistency in general, but every time he steps onto the pitch he makes sure to give his everything.”

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