When to expect manager appointment at Leicester with previous appointments to look at for date of closure

When to expect manager appointment at Leicester with previous appointments to look at for date of closure

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This will be the first end of season manager appointment made since Claudio Ranieri took charge back in 2015. Ranieri was officially appointed on the 12th of July, with a certain Nigel Pearson leaving on the 30th of June.

Steve Walsh and Craig Shakespeare both contunied their work under Ranieri, being part of the staff before and under the time Nigel Pearson was in charge.

Leicester made a quick decision on the appointment of Claudio Ranieri, who had just left the job as Greece national team boss. He was not seen as the best candidate by numbers, and many were reluctant, including former Leicester great Gary Lineker, describing the appointment as an uninspired choice.

His first season was of course far from uninspiring, and the run in Champions League never were either, but struggled to copy his first season in Premier League. Ranieri left the club in a troubled situation, being close to the relegation zone when fired, under a year after winning the PL trophy.

This is the life of Leicester, not really having a clear idea how to play, how to entertain and how to bring on board enough points to clearly avoid difficult situations.

We believe that the list drawn up by bookies will include the next Leicester manager, and so far nothing is settled, but we believe that in the next two weeks something will be settled, at this point, nothing is concrete.

Gary McAllister would surely be part of the plan, if Steven Gerrard will be appointed, but his standing at Leeds could count more as they are also keen on Steven Gerrard. McAllister was assistant for Gerrard at both Aston Villa and Rangers.

The club also needs to settle and be clear regarding the interim regime, as they probably are waiting on an answer about their future as well.


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